For over 30 years in the industry, ATMEC focuses on flexibility through which try to solve all possible problems of vertical lift, adapting their product to specific customer requirements.
According to this awareness, we  begun to design  some family of platforms and hydraulic lifting systems, with different dimensions, capacity and technical features.
We asked to Notified Body (ECO SpA) to certify two families of platforms for the disabled, in order to achieve a family of lifting system with  similar technical feature, but, at the same time, not losing the peculiarity of being able meet the different customer’s needing, combining the need to rationalize production and our flexibility. Now, the company operates in the continuity of ATMEC mostly artisanal production, however, benefited from improved production capacity and advanced technology.
ATMEC offers a wide range of products on the market, providing equipment for vertical movement, as well as oriented solutions to meet customer requirements for special applications. 
Passion, determination, versatility and a great susceptibility to change over the years have meant that we attained ambitious goals and developing innovative solutions still being improved.
Our future challenge is to offer high quality products with excellent performance for handling safely.